How It Works

How To Prepare

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize what it is that you need clarity on. If for example, you are dealing with a breakup or divorce, you’ll need to be detailed about what it is you need insights on.

It’s best to do the following practice before initiating a chat reading;

  • Sit alone in a quiet spot and jot down all the things you’d like clarity on. Think of what’s bothering you, what you think is missing in your life, areas that need TLC and write all your thoughts and concerns down.
  • Next, prioritize your list, so that the most burning questions can be addressed. When you prioritize the list, make sure you prioritize it according to what’s most important for you and also, what is most pressing in terms of time.
  • From this list, write a few questions to ask your psychic. Be sure to be detailed, so that the psychic will know exactly what your agenda is. For example, if you want to reconnect with an ex, it’s better to ask “ Will I reconnect with Jack any time soon” as opposed to “ Will I reconnect with Jack”. Like this, your psychic will understand that both the action and the timeline are equally important for you.
  • When you start your chat reading, no matter what reading you choose to do, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what questions you’d like answers to.
  • Ask your psychic advisor all the questions you need, do not over give information, you want your reading to be authentic and to much information can cloud the advisors thoughts, site or feelings.
  • Don’t rush, you need to be clear about what you want to know and your psychic needs time to delve deep and get the answers you need.
  • If something isn’t clear, ask your advisor to clarify again
  • If your advisor has extra information to share, let them share it as most times, it’s helpful.